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♥ 109 - Café Cythera; Prologue

Chapter 00 of x

Characters: Super Junior and DBSK (revealed few by few ^^)
Pairings in this chapter: obvious!SiHan, indenial!YeWook
Rating: PG
Genre: AU, drama, romance (?)

Disclaimer: I own no one and nothing but the plot.
Summary: A story of a simple, small café. Kim Jaejoong owns it, and as guessed, Han Geng is the head chef. And no, it’s not a HanJae story o.O Somebody help me to find a title please? :D



The sun had risen with certain angle, shining through the window, and Kim Jaejoong got up from his bed. Bad hangover; and he decided he would not have drinks with his friend again after spending his night calculating income and outcome until twelve thirty in the morning. Really, alcohol doesn’t help, especially if he has to arrive to open the lock at seven thirty in the morning.

He had promised himself not to drink with Yoochun again… for the third time this month. And he failed three times.

His phone vibrated, and he reached for it, and, oh shit, it’s seven twenty five already!

“Hello?” he picked it up without looking who’s calling –because he’s so fucking late and he just wanted to bath and had his breakfast and–

“You’re late again,” the voice on the other line chuckled.

“Geng,” Jaejoong groaned, immediately recognizing the strong accent, “I’m sorry, I was too tired… you know yesterday was so busy and–“

“Okay, okay, I know that,” Han Geng giggled. Although he’s been staying in Korea for like… seven or eight years, his accent is still there, and perhaps, will still ever be there. “I’ve just opened for you.”

“Oh,” and he threw himself into the bathroom, “thank you. I’ll be there in… half hour?”

“Take your time,” Han Geng replied.

Jaejoong was about to switched off his phone when he heard another chuckle.

“Don’t drink too much,” Han Geng said, “you can’t handle alcohol that good.”

“Hey, I was just–“

The line’s dead.

And Jaejoong groaned. How can Han Geng know everything?



Café Cythera.

Yeah, Han Geng had no idea how a Kim Jaejoong could come up with that name. Isn’t that a name of a… Greek? He tried to google it, and this was what he found:

define: cythera

a Greek island located between the Peloponnesus and Crete.

Han Geng just could not understand… what’s the correlation between Korea and Greek anyway? He thought perhaps it’s a Korean joke, but still, it’s not so understandable.

He asked Jaejoong once, and Jaejoong just laughed and told him “it’s to spread our love. It’s still small, but I’m sure we can expand it.”

He didn’t ask again thereafter.

Perhaps that guy, Park Yoochun, also played an influence in choosing that name. Who knows what in mind of designers? Nobody right? And nobody, of course, includes Han Geng in it. But, having friended Jaejoong for years, he knows his friend can be sometimes strange.

So he just got along with it.

His phone vibrated, just when he had tossed it into his pocket jeans.  He took it out again and looked at the screen. He smiled and picked it up.

“Morning baby?”



Choi Siwon had just finished his breakfast, and he spent a good four minutes on the phone after knowing he’s fifteen minutes early to start his day.

“Have a nice day,” he smiled, dimpled on both cheeks, although he knew his boyfriend could not see him smiling.

“You too,” Han Geng laughed, and oh, how Siwon loves his laughs, so carefree and so simple. One reason why he has to call his boyfriend in the morning: to make your day better, of course. He always loves it, how a simple call to his Chinese boyfriend can make his day thousand times brighter, just like his boyfriend is.

Siwon put his phone down, still smiling like crazy, and that’s when he noticed his flatmate’s stare at him.

He sighed. “What is it, Jongwoon?”

Kim Jongwoon, his flatmate, just shook his head, while sipping his cup of coffee.

“I don’t understand why you have to call him in the kitchen while having breakfast with me of all places… I’ve had enough of your lovey-dovey, you know,” he shrugged, still staring at the accused guy.

But Siwon could not help grinning.


“Your face doesn’t say sorry.”

“Really, I’m sorry,” Siwon’s long fingers reached Jongwoon’s hand and patted onto his flatmate’s slowly, “then get yourself one.”

Jongwoon blinked.

“Excuse me?”

“Get yourself a girlfriend,” Siwon smiled softly, as if it’s the most obvious thing Jongwoon should do right now, “or a boyfriend in that matter.”

“What?” Jongwoon pulled his hand quickly, making Siwon’s hand landed on the cold table. “I don’t understand what you’re saying!”

“Well,” Siwon rolled his eyes, “you agree to sing at Cythera because of him right? Just because you want to see Kim Rye–“

“GO to your scene and don’t fucking come back!” Jongwoon slammed the table and quickly left the kitchen.

Leaving Siwon, who just merely shook his head.

“Really,” he sighed, “he’s in denial.”

He looked at his watch, and got up. Taking his car keys near the door, he threw a last glance into his flat. And Jongwoon was nowhere to be seen. He’s in his room, perhaps, Siwon thought, and he left the flat, not forgetting to lock the door.



Two minutes to eight in the morning, Kim Ryeowook ran into the back kitchen and nearly bumped into the head chef in the head.

“I’m sorry!” he nearly yelled. Really, he still hadn’t gotten used to his head chef here, despite the fact they had to spend and work together for like continuous hours in the days.

Han Geng laughed. “Don’t worry, you’re not late yet,” he smiled, still busy arranging the jars and jars of ingredients in the stack. The café opens at eight thirty, and usually four people should be there at eight sharp: the head chef, one of the part timer, the full timer, and the boss himself. “The boss is not here yet,” he added.

Ryeowook put the card into the punch machine and turned to face the Chinese guy.

“He’s late again?”

“Third time this month.”

“Shit,” Ryeowook groaned, “tell me, why did I have to run here again?”

“Because you thought the boss is here already?”

Ryeowook shrugged. “That makes sense.”

And that’s when the door opened again, revealing Park Jungsu who ran straight to the punch machine without saying another words.

Click, and it said 8:01.

“I’m late,” he growled and turned to his side, and Han Geng thought he looked a bit confused by only seeing the two of them there. “He’s not here?” Jungsu’s voice rose higher in disbelief.

“And I don’t think he’ll be here in the next thirty minutes,” Han Geng grinned.

Really, he didn’t understand why everyone was in rush. By the fact that the boss himself was late. Well, perhaps because the boss could always use any excuses; and excuses doesn’t apply to everyone who’s not the boss.

Jungsu took another long breath before standing up and grabbing a cleaning cloth. He shook his head and walked to the seating areas.

“So… let us start a new day.”

He smiled, and both Ryeowook and Han Geng smiled back.


It’s going to be a good day.



Then Jung Yunho stepped in at eight-fourty.




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