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♥ 110 - Café Cythera; Chapter 01

kiirohana_16  and prototypic  told me the name of the café should just be the title… so this is it xD


Chapter 00 | 01 of x

Characters in this chapter: Yunho, Ryeowook, Eeteuk, Han Geng, Jaejoong, Sungmin, Hyukjae, Kyuhyun, Junsu

Pairings in this chapter: (is it a?)YunTeuk, meeting!YunJae, implied!HyukSu, (is it a?)EunMin, slight!KyuMin xD

Rating: PG

Genre: AU, drama, romance (?)

Disclaimer: I own no one and nothing but the plot.

Summary: A story of a simple, small café. Kim Jaejoong owns it, and as guessed, Han Geng is the head chef. And no, it’s not a HanJae story o.O




Jung Yunho is an owner of a recording company, one of the biggest in Seoul. He has everything that a girl wants his boyfriend to have, and he has everything a guy hopes for, only at the age of 27. But that wasn’t what people noticed when they saw him; they would just immediately check on his fingers, and luckily, all these times, no wedding band is there. Yet.


“You remember he’s been here quite few times?” Ryeowook asked curiously, hiding himself comfortably behind the counter.

Jungsu tilted his head. “He is?”

Ryeowook looked at Jungsu in disbelief.

“You’re the one on the floor but you never notice,” he replied bitterly. “Anyway, go serve him already!” and pushed a non-protesting Jungsu mercilessly in Jung Yunho’s direction.


Yunho watched through the corner of his eyes when that one guy came over him, smiling to start his new day, perhaps.

“Yes,” that guy said breathlessly, “I’m Eeteuk, your server today. Can I get your order?”

Yunho threw one of his dazzling smile, taking a quick glance on the name plat which said ‘Eeteuk’, and he nodded. “Espresso, double shot.”

Eeteuk nodded, not bothering to write it on his notepad, although he wrote on it –pretended to write something on it. “Anything else for you? French toast or cheese toast maybe?” Except that in fact, he drew something on it.

“How about if you start remembering my coffee?” Yunho smiled, and Jungsu blinked. “It’s my third time this week,” Yunho added, slowly, keeping his stare at which Jungsu noticed and stared back, “and I guess I’ll be here a lot.”

“Oh,” Jungsu said, trying hard to hide his frown. Is this what people on top would say to everyone? Thinking themselves have higher rank and do not think of other people?

Well, that might be so.

He straightened his face and threw his best dimpled smile.

“Sure,” he said. And he left back to the counter.



The late boss arrived at nine fifteen, which meant he was one hour and forty-five minutes late.

“Good it’s not that busy this morning,” Han Geng chuckled.

Jaejoong groaned. “I told you I was busy last night–“

“How about you two stop this conversation? It’s not getting anywhere,” Ryeowook said as he walked passing them both, a plate of sandwich on his right hand, another plate of french toast with two layers of cheese on top on his left hand. His hand slammed the ringbell and he tried to keep his voice low, “Jungsu, table ten and two!”

While the called guy was behind the coffee machine in the counter.

“Ryeowookie,” Jungsu growled, “I’m busy here, anyone else’s free to help me?”

Ryeowook shook his head and headed back to the kitchen. Jungsu groaned in frustration. And Han Geng coughed, making Jaejoong realized that he’s the only one with nothing to do at that time.

And so, Jaejoong straightened his clothes and mumbled an “I go” and went out of the counter. A risk of being an owner, in which he hates it sometimes.


Jaejoong was also one person who knew who Jung Yunho was, and how a Jung Yunho looked like.

“I’m honoured of your coming here again,” so he said while laying that plate of vegetable sandwich on the table.

Yunho tore his attention from the newspaper he was holding and smiled. “Thank you.”

Jaejoong smiled back, and he immediately noticed how Yunho’s smile twitched when meeting his stare. And he knew exactly, it’s not something… good?

“Is something wrong?” so he asked.

Yunho’s eyes glanced over the café and he put the newspaper on his lap. “I thought,” he started, tilting his head, eyes sweeping through the counter, hesitated for a second before added, “never mind.”

But being trained as an owner of three-month existing café and a manager of six crazy boys, Kim Jaejoong knew better. So he put his best smile and took his leave, before going straight into the counter and came over one of his boys, and Jungsu tensed when he felt a hand crawling softly through his spine.

“We’ll talk later,” Jaejoong whispered, voice low so that Ryeowook, who was only three meters aside, could hear just nothing.

Jungsu nodded. He felt it’s not going to be good.



Lee Sungmin was about to have his second class that day when a certain Lee Hyukjae jumped onto him on the hallway. And Lee Sungmin was thinking anything but his school, and that included his walking, that he didn’t notice someone was there until he felt a certain sixtish kilograms added on his back.

“Hyukjae,” Sungmin groaned, trying to move his body that the certain load on his back might disappear elsewhere, “please get down.”

“Sungmin,” Hyukjae hopped down and grinned, “I want a job.”

Sungmin blinked.

“I’m not a millionaire who can give you a job,” he said, and resumed walking to his next class.

Hyukjae rolled his eyes.

“I know that,” he whined, fastening his walk so he could keep walking beside Sungmin, who was in fact increased his pace even further, “you’re working part time right? I want to apply there too.”

And Sungmin stopped, deadpanned. Slowly, he turned facing his friend there. “What happened to you Lee Hyukjae?” he whispered in disbelief.

“Um,” Hyukjae stopped too, shifting uncomfortably under Sungmin’s gaze. “You know… it’s Junsu’s birthday next month… and I want to give him something.”

Sungmin just mumbled an ‘oh’ and resumed his pace. He was about to enter his class, with Hyukjae behind him, and he turned to face the follower.

“You didn’t give me anything on my last birthday,” Sungmin stated, indifferent, “but you even want to work to give Junsu one? I thought boys don’t give presents to boys,” he added, eyes searching for something he didn’t want to know.

Hyukjae found his shoes very interesting and pretended he heard nothing.

“Call me after you’ve finished your class,” Sungmin sighed, “I’ll finish at one thirty.”



Cho Kyuhyun sure is smart. And tall. And handsome. That most girls in the university wanted to date him, except for one fact: he’s too fucking young. Cho Kyuhyun was just nineteen when he was about to finish his Bachelor degree in three months.

And Kyuhyun loved his life. He loved his campus. He loved his study.

Just like what he’s doing right now. He always loved waiting for his hyung to come in, for his hyung to go straight to the back seat between his other friends, for his hyung to smile (like always) and laughs (as always) and he’s sure it would make his life better.

He glanced at his watch, two minute before time, and he still couldn’t locate his certain hyung. Did he skip the class? Again?

He breathed in relief when he spotted a guy in pink t-shirt coming into the lecture theater.


Sungmin got to an empty seat he saw, second row from the front, and he thanked Hyukjae for making him late to have a back seat. In sequence, he put his bag on the floor, shifting it a bit to lean on the foot of his chair, and took a small notebook before leaning not-so-comfortably on the green hard chair.

He took a quick glance on his watch, a minute before the lecturer coming, and he peeked over his shoulder, trying to find empty seat on the back –only to find all occupied. He waved seeing his friends and they waved back. And that’s when he heard a chuckle from his left.

“Got your assignment, hyung?” A deep voice came right thereafter.

Sungmin turned, startled, and gasped in relief, “Don’t talk like that, Kyu,” he shook his head and grinned towards his dongsaeng there, “I have it this time.”

Kyuhyun tilted his head five degrees to the right.

“Okay,” he said after another pregnant pause, taking a close look at his hyung right in front of him. Darker eyes and eyebags, he noticed, as Sungmin smiled cutely to a girl sitting behind him. What had become of him?

“Don’t forget to take care of yourself,” he said, softly, part of him hoped for Sungmin to listen, while another part hoped for Sungmin not to.

But Sungmin did.

He turned facing his dongsaeng and smiled. “I won’t.”



And so, there they were at ten past two in the afternoon, Lee Sungmin entered Café Cythera through the back door and headed to the boss.

“My friend said he wants to work here,” Sungmin threw a smile, and waved his hand seeing Han Geng and Ryeowook in the kitchen, both of who waved back.

“Oh?” Jaejoong looked up from the cup of hot latte on his hand, finishing a final drawing of four petal clover on the top. “Where is he?”

“Waiting outside,” Sungmin replied, taking his apron and clothes from his bag before heading to the restroom to change. “I told him to come in ten minutes,” he added, half talking and half yelling.

Jaejoong groaned and looked at his watch. He took a tray and carefully put the flower cup upon it, went out to the seating area to a girl who’s busy (or at least, pretended to be busy) with her cellphone and put the cup on the table with a smile before going to meet this friend of Lee Sungmin.

“Good thing Sungmin brings someone in,” Jaejoong suddenly heard a chuckle he knew for sure belong to Jungsu, “especially when the boss often comes late and I can’t handle the floor by myself.”

Jaejoong turned and faced Jungsu, who was looking at him carefully.

“There’s also Sungmin,” he stated, “and I don’t employ him for nothing.”

Jungsu slowly shook his head. “He’s still studying and he’s about to graduate, you’ll eventually need someone added too.”

Jaejoong decided not to reply further, and so, he walked through this friend of Lee Sungmin.


Lee Hyukjae is, by sometimes, someone who can make you smile. And that’s a thing Jaejoong liked from his first sight of this Lee Hyukjae.

And that’s a factor how Lee Hyukjae officially became a member of Café Cythera too.


Jaejoong returned inside and spotted Jungsu was punching his card out, still wearing his uniform, but with a bag hanging loosely on his back. Jaejoong twitched an eyebrow; this was not something he thought he’d see, he thought Jungsu would finish at nine instead of two thirty.

As if on signal, Jungsu’s eyes met his and he smiled.

“I’m going to the library,” he explained.

Jaejoong frowned.

“I told you we need to talk.”

Jungsu smiled sheepishly. “I’ll be back in half an hour.”

“Boss,” suddenly Ryeowook’s head popped up out of nowhere, Jaejoong turned and saw him smiling, “can I leave now?”

Jaejoong blinked. There should be that boy… where’s Changmin?

“SORRY I’m late!”

And the also late guy arrived.

Jaejoong rolled his eyes and turned back to Ryeowook, “Sure.”



Park Jungsu, indeed, ran to the library.

He had only one hour break, and it took twelve minutes walking to the library, and it took twelve minutes to walk back to the café. And he only had thirty minutes to go back and to return, in addition to get online and to submit his assignment which should be due at three in the afternoon.

He arrived at the library, soaked in sweat, at two minutes to three, reached to the nearest empty computer, got online, and submitted his assignment.



Startled, Jungsu turned to the source of the voice.


“Yes it’s me,” Junsu chirped happily, quickly forgot about his books on the table and waltzed happily to Jungsu’s front. “What are you doing here?”

“I should be working, but it’s my break time…” And Jungsu realized and shifted his glance to his watch. 3:02, he could stay here for a few more minutes, he guessed.

“Oh,” Junsu grinned, “tell me where you work? I will visit you some time.”

Jungsu took a breath. “Ten minutes from here down the road. If you see a small bright red and greenish blue house, that it is,” he paused, looking over Junsu’s back on the pile of textbooks, “are you studying?”

Junsu looked over his shoulder, at those books, and laughed. “No, I’m just waiting for my brother later at four.”

3:05. “Okay, Junsu,” the older guy rechecked his watch again, how come time flied so fast? “I need to get back to work, see you some time later, okay?”

“Sure,” Junsu grinned, and Jungsu threw his bag over his shoulder, and left the library.


Three minutes he’s out of the library, he caught a sight of someone… he thought he knew but just couldn’t recognize. A guy, no, a man, definitely a man, and that man was walking, no fault, to the library, a business bag on his left hand, in a white probably-Armani suit.

Jungsu thought he didn’t look at that man further, in which he indeed failed, and the said man caught his eyes, and smiled.








A/N to Han Geng’s shipper:  Not much Han Geng here? I’m sorry @_@

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