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♥ 124.1 - untitled part of an untitled fic

I need to say a few things:

- I know I kind of have different readers... for KyuMin and KangTeuk. And I know I've said previously I'm going to stop writing, but if you note the number, this one is [124] and the KyuMin one is [125], meaning this one is written before the KyuMin's fairytale Romeo and Juliet kind of thing.

- This is a part of something not-so-big I'm writing and yeah, I just take this part out because it just does NOT fit.

- I was thinking to post this as a bribe ^.^ But since Kaye (aka prototypic ) helped me (AND I HAVEN'T EVEN BRIBED HER), I am definitely posting this.

Thanks baby deer ♥


He has just finished his class and is walking across the yard when he hears footsteps behind him; which are getting faster and louder, and before he has a chance to look back, a pair of hands grabs his waist and spins him around. A mouth captures his and he is suddenly being hugged tight.

“I miss you,” and he grins in his boyfriend’s mouth and pulls back, staring at Youngwoon’s bright pair of eyes.

“You just can’t wait until I get out of this school at least?”

Youngwoon grins back. “Nope. I miss you too much to wait,” he says and lets Jungsu’s smaller body go and takes his hand, as they walk together, hand-in-hand, towards the front gate. Silence stretches between them, and it is Youngwoon who breaks it as their feet walk towards a park along their path. “Let’s watch sunset together?” Youngwoon says, hand squeezing tighter, spreading further warmth on his hand. He smiles and nods, following his boyfriend into the park.

They sit in a corner deep inside the park, just below a willow tree like they once used to do. He feels the breezing of the wind and snuggles closer to the warm body next to him, he then leans his head on the shoulder. He hears Youngwoon’s heartbeat and feels his breath, and as the previously blue sky is changing its colour, he thinks the world couldn’t be better than this.

“You know,” suddenly Youngwoon says and he tilts his head a certain degree and looks at his boyfriend, faraway look in his eyes are then back fixated on him, “I love you so much, Jungsu-ah.”

He smiles at the words. Of course he knows, and he will always do. He lets his hand grab on the black leather jacket and whispers back. “I do, and I love you too.”


So yeah, it's a part and I dump this part. Don't expect me to continue this, thank you ♥
and if I do have silent readers, please comment? I am losing courage in writing recently.

Tags: character: eeteuk, character: kangin, fic: oneshot, pairing: eeteuk/kangin

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